GraphApps Web Framework

GraphApps Framework allows building Graph Business Application with the full power of Graph Databases.


  • GraphApps Framework is a Web Application,
  • That enables fast application development,
  • It is based on GraphApps Toolkit and Apache Wicket Web Framework,
  • It comes with default features such as Browsing Navigation History, Dossiers, TodoLists, Labels,
  • I provides default displays,
  • It contains a Security Framework,
  • It is extensible by the use of Plugins and Modules.


Navigation through Graph Data brings a new user experience of Business Applications.

User flows are not hard coded anymore into the Application Layer but depend only on Framework configuration and Graph Data structure.

That allows to create specfic flows dynamicaly without Application rewriting.

GraphApps Framework provides a default display that can be specialized inside Plugins, this yields iterative and incremental developments by using both default and specialized displays throughout Application construction process.

Extensibility is provided by the use of Plugins and Modules.

Modules are small applications that define common behaviors that can apply to all Plugins.

Plugins are isolated applications that enrich the core Framework with Business contents, even though some mechanisms still allow to share data between Plugins.

With GraphApps Framework, Graph Business Application Development becomes parallelizable. It provides the core features that make use of all the Graph Programming Model capabilities.